Frequently Asked Questions

Win Accounting is your All-In-One Accounting Software and Business Management Solution, designed to help you save time, manage your inventory with ease & gain vital analysis to aid you in making smart data-back business decisions! – Find the most common FAQ below:

General Questions

What makes Win Accounting Different To Other Accounting Software?

By breaking down all crucial aspects of your business operations, and working to offer every possible business tool and financial analysis required to succeed, Win Accounting strives to stand out amongst other accounting softwares on the market.

As a result of its modular design, the intricacies and level of functionality lies completely in your hands!

From breaking down and tracking every single raw material required within your manufacturing process, to simply making use of the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules to manage your family business, Win Accounting offers it all!

Every Win Accounting module comes with a large variety of accounting reports, each specially design to help you better visualise and connect with your business data and facilitate financial growth.

How does Win Acc Smart Reporting work and how will it help my business?

Win Accounting’s smart reports use data from your financial accounts and integrated modules to provide valuable analysis that helps you better visualise, connect and engage with your business data.

Make smart evidence-backed company decisions and gain vital insights into your profitability, costs, inventory turnover, customer retention, and many other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Find more information about our Smart Accounting Reports

Can I set different account privileges for employees and/or my accountant?

Yes you can! As an admin, Win Accounting gives you full control of the priviledges and access that you can set for each new user.

Win Accounting also allows you to create unique User Groups and Work Groups, allowing you to easily choose which companies and data each new user can access.

We’re a New Business, is an Accounting Software really necessary for us?

Most definitely! Having the right accounting software that can grow with your business, from day one, is very important and will help you save a great deal of time and resources throughout the longevity of your business!

As mentioned, Win Accounting is highly flexible and designed to be as intricate as you need it to be – this makes it the ideal accounting software and business management solution for startups and small-to-medium sized enterprises with aspirations of spreading their reach.

Are there any limitations to Win Accounting?

Enjoy unlimited document creation, with easy export and emailing!

Win Accounting offer multi-company and multi-user capabilities – Win Accounting Packages come with unlimited company creation and 5 user logins – this makes Win Accounting perfect for Bookkeepers and Accountants

I have to handle commission management, can Win Accounting assist with this?

Yes! Win Accounting’s Debtors Control Module makes it easy for you to automate and manage sales commission payments, and track the performance of your various Sales Teams.

Use the data and analysis found within the smart Sales Statistics Report to further strengthen sales!

Find out more about creating and assigning unique Salesman Codes and using Win Account’s Commission Management Software to strengthen your sales team!

Will I have access to Software Updates/Feature Additions? How do I upgrade?

Yes! Your Win Accounting subscription gives you access to all the latest software updates and new feature additions!

You will receive email and/or in-add notifications when there is a new update available, with details on how you can install.

Updating your Win Accounting will not affect your accounting data.

Can I add my Accountant, Bookkeeper or Tax Pro?
Yes! Your Win Accounting subscription gives you access to 5 unique user logins – this means that you can easily provide your accountant, bookkeeper or tax professional with their own specific login.

You can easily control their access/account privileges when creating their account, ensuring that they only see the data that is relevant to them.

About Our Modules

Accounts Receivable

Our Debtors Control Module enables you to easily create, fully customise, automate and keep track of unlimited invoices – speed up your invoicing & get paid on time.

Set unique credit limits and specific payment conditions for every client to help strengthen credit control management.

Integrate with the WinAcc Stock Control Module to save time and resources – set custom pricing, debtors sub-stock and settlement discounts with ease.

Accounts Payable
Our Creditors Control Module works to minimise the time and effort required to process bills from vendors, helping to ensure a more logical and effective cash flow within your supply chain.

Easily manage and regulate business spending & improve your payment controls by making sure no bill is ever late, lost, forgotten or paid twice.

Save time and money with batch payments that allow you to pay multiple bills in one simple transaction. Bundle payments together and further reduce business administration with Win Accounting’s option to schedule payments.

Stock Control
Our Inventory Control Module integrates seamlessly with all Win Acc modules, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your stock control management.

Enter and track unique product and category codes to easily identify inventory trends and better maximise your business resources.

Use the 3-tier Custom Pricing with sub-stock option to help ensure the right mix and amount of inventory is always on hand.

Save time and money with batched transaction entering and posting capabilities – ensure your inventory accounting details remains 100% accurate and up-to-date through easy transaction processing.

General Ledger
Our General Ledger Account Module is a powerful business tool that provides an accurate and up-to-date record of all financial transactions.

The module contains vital information required to prepare key company financial statements, crucial when evaluating your profitability, liquidity and overall financial health!

Through Balance Sheets and Income Statements, your transaction data is split into accounts for assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and owners’ equity.

Win Accounting’s General Ledger Control consolidates and centralises your company’s financial information, making it easier to create more accurate budgets, predict future financial outcomes and use real revenue reports to make informed decisions.

Job Costing
Take control of your entire manufacturing process with Win Accounting’s Job Costing Module!

Track the costs of materials, labour and overhead for every job.

The Job Costing Module is COMING SOON!

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