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Gain access to vital information required to prepare key company financial statements, crucial for evaluating profitability, liquidity and overall financial health

Our General Ledger Module is a powerful business tool that consolidates & centralises your company’s financial information, making it easier to create more accurate budgets, predict future financial outcomes and use real revenue reports to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Financial Reports are available to help you better connect, visualise and analyse your business data. General Ledger Reports include:


      • Financial Reports: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Income Statement
      • Chart of Accounts Report with Budget, Forecast & Actual Compositions
      • Detailed Postings Report
      • Cashbook Reconciliation Report
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Receive a comprehensive “big picture” of the financial health and activity of your business with Win Accounting’s General Ledger Control - Find everything necessary to prepare key financial statements.

This module works to consolidate and centralise your company’s financial information, making it much easier to create accurate budgets, predict future outcomes and use real revenue composition reports to make informed analysis-backed decisions.

View revenues and expenses with a click of a button – and find all transactions and transaction information with ease. Say goodbye to the days of hunting down faded receipts and old bank statements.

Easily manage and maintain your Cost Centres in order to keep track of department and business expenses.

Populate your Chart of Accounts with ease, using Win Accounting’s Account Level and Column features to design accurate financial statements.

Through Balance Sheets and Income Statements, your transaction data is split into accounts for assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and owners' equity.

A centralised and consolidated view of your company's income and expenses allows you to save valuable time when it comes to filing your tax returns.

Integrate with your Win Accounting Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Modules in order to save time and resources – Keep your Accounts accurate and up-to-date through easy Debtor and Creditor Transfer File capabilities.

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Unlimited Chart of Account Creation, Cost Centre Management, Multi-User, Multi-Company, Integration Capabilities, Batched Journal Posting, and more!


Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Chart of Accounts, Detailed Postings, Cashbook Reconciliation, Consolidated Journal, and more!

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