Bookkeeper Package

Annual Subscription: R9,998.00/year

Monthly Subscription: R958.00/month

The Bookkeeper Package is perfect for getting started in managing your business and accounting needs – geared towards small to medium sized enterprises

The Bookkeeper Package includes the Debtors/Accounts Receivable Module, the Creditors/Accounts Payable Module and the Stock/Inventory Control Module

Each module integrates seamlessly with one another – or can be used stand-alone

You will receive 5 User Licences upon Software Registration

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The Bookkeeper Package allows you to seamlessly unify every facet of your business, saving you time and enabling you to better visualise your company data in order to make the correct data-backed decisions.

Multi-User and Multi-Company integration capabilities makes Win Accounting ideal for Bookkeepers and Business Owners alike!

The Bookkeeper Package includes the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and the Stock Control Modules:

The Debtors Control Module enables you to easily create, fully customise, automate and keep track of unlimited invoices – speed up your invoicing and gain vital analysis concerning your Sales and Sales Team.

The Creditors Control Module works to ensure a more logical & effective cash flow within your supply chain by reducing the time and effort taken to process bills from suppliers – Improve payment controls and better manage and regulate business spending.

The Inventory Management Module makes it easier to identify stock trends, allocate resources more efficiently, cut holding costs and prevent stock shortages – Set custom stock pricing options that easily integrate with your Accounts Receivable and Payable Modules.

Gain access to over 30 flexible Accounting Reports, designed to help you better visualise, understand and connect with your business data!

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Five Users, Accounts Receivable Module, Accounts Payable Module, Stock Control Module

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