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Maximise your profits, bolster inventory turnover, create and manage custom pricing across your business channels and pinpoint your top-selling items with Win Acc’s Smart Stock Control Module.

Our Inventory Control Module integrates seamlessly with all Win Acc modules, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your stock control management

Enter and track unique product and category codes to quickly identify inventory trends and better maximise your business resources

Use the Win Acc 3-tier Custom Pricing feature to help ensure the right mix and amount of inventory is always on hand

Better visualise, pinpoint and connect with your business data using the Stock Control Accounting Reports, including:

      • ABC Analysis Report
      • Inventory Turnover Report
      • Slow Moving Stock Report
      • Stock Report
      • Stock Usage Report
      • Inventory Audit Trail Report
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Enhance your marketing efforts with smart inventory management, and keep your clients coming back for more!

Capture, track, manage and receive vital reports regarding business inventory, orders and purchases – Identify product trends and use the Stock Audit Reports to better optimise your inventory and stock levels.

Add unique Store Codes to improve store management and receive vital reports regarding inventory turnover, stock balances, profits, analysis and more.

The Win Accounting Stock Control Module provides a number of ways to further hone in and analyse your stock items, sales and purchases – Set unique Category Codes to gain more in depth analysis of your various product types.

Grow brand loyalty and boost customer retention rates by offering unique custom pricing for deserving client groups – Do this easily with our 3-Tier Selling Price feature.

Avoid overstocking or stock-outs by using the inventory analysis reports – keep your most profitable goods on hand while decreasing stock levels or increasing marketing efforts on slow-moving items

The Win Accounting Stock Control Module allows for Multi-Company and Multi-User Setup, making it perfect for both small to medium sized enterprises, as well as Accountants and Bookkeepers. Set unique permission levels and assign them to new/existing users with ease

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Unlimited Stock Item Analysis, Store Analysis, Multi-User, Multi-Company, Integration Capabilities, Batched Document Posting, and more!


ABC Analysis, Inventory Turnover, Stock Audit Trails, Stock Usage, Slow Moving Stock, Price List Report, and more!

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