Accountant Package

Annual Subscription: R12,798.00/year

Monthly Subscription: R1,238.00/month

The Accountant Package offers the perfect all-in-one accounting and business management solution for any sized enterprise

The Accountant Package includes the Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Modules, the Stock Control Module, as well as the General Ledger Module

Each module can be used stand-alone or integrated with one another

You will receive 5 User Licences upon Software Registration

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Innovative modular product design with multi-user & multi-company capabilities makes Win Accounting ideal for small-to-medium businesses, accountants, bookkeepers – and everyone in-between!

The Accountant Package enables you to quickly and easily unify every facet of your business – Save time and better visualise your company data in order to make informed data-backed decisions.

This Package includes the Debtors, Creditors and Inventory Control Modules – The Accountant Package also includes the General Ledger Module.

The Debtors Control / Accounts Receivable Module facilitates the creation, full customisation, automation and tracking of unlimited invoices – speed up invoicing, get paid on time and receive informative analysis regarding your Sales and Sales Team.

The Creditors Control / Accounts Payable Module aids in minimising the time & effort required to process bills from vendors, helping to ensure a more effective and logical cash flow within your supply chain – Manage and Regulate business spending, improve your payment controls by making sure no bill is ever late, lost, forgotten or paid twice.

The Stock Control / Inventory Management Module works to maximise business profits and strengthen inventory turnover by analysing and identifying inventory trends – Create custom pricing options that easily integrate with your Debtors and Creditors Control Modules.

The Win Accounting General Ledger Module is a powerful business tool that provides an accurate and up-to-date record of all financial transactions, containing vital information & analysis required to prepare key company financial statements, crucial for evaluating profitability, liquidity and overall financial health

The General Ledger Module consolidates and centralises your company’s financial information, making it easier to create more accurate budgets, predict future financial outcomes and use real revenue reports to make informed decisions.

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Five Users, Accounts Receivable Module, Accounts Payable Module, Stock Control Module, General Ledger Module

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